Consciousness in Matter

 There is a consciousness in each physical thing with which one can communicate. Everything has an individuality of a certain kind, houses, cars, furniture etc. The ancient people knew that and so they saw a spirit or “genius” in every physical thing.
 What you feel about physical things is truethere is a consciousness in them, a life which is not the life and consciousness of man and animal which we know, but still secret and real. That is why we must have a respect for physical things and use them rightly, not misuse and waste, ill-treat or handle with a careless roughness. This feeling of all being consciousness or alive comes when our own physical consciousnessand not the mind onlyawakes out of its obscurity and becomes aware of the One in all things, the Divine everywhere.
 It is very true that physical things have a consciousness within them which feels and responds to care and is sensitive to careless touch and rough handling. To know or feel that and learn to be careful of them is a great progress of consciousness.
[SABCL, 23:717]

Right Use of Things

Mother, why do I lose things so often?
Because you do not keep things sufficiently in your consciousness.
It is always very good to make use of things instead of uselessly destroying them.

[About a curtain that got spoilt]

It was an act of ignorance.
Received in the right spirit the curtains could have lasted two or three years more. Received wrongly they might have gone to pieces within a month. Things also have a consciousness of their own.
The Divine is in things also and that is why they must be treated with care.
Not to take care of material things which one uses is a sign of inconscience and ignorance.
You have no right to use any material object whatsoever if you do not take care of it.
You must take care of it not because you are attached to it, but because it manifests something of the Divine Consciousness.
[CWM2, 14:323]
Orderly harmony and organisation in physical things is a necessary part of efficiency and perfection and makes the instrument fit for whatever work is given to it.
[SABCL, 23:71415]
Wanton waste, careless spoiling of physical things in an incredibly short time, loose disorder, misuse of service and materials due either to vital grasping or to tamasic inertia are baneful to prosperity and tend to drive away or discourage the Wealth-Power. These things have long been rampant in the society and, if that continues, an increase in our means might well mean a proportionate increase in the wastage and disorder and neutralise the material advantage. This must be remedied if there is to be any sound progress.
[SABCL, 23:716]
Material things are not to be despisedwithout them there can be no manifestation in the material world.
[SABCL, 23:71617]
The rough handling and careless breaking or waste and misuse of physical things is a denial of the yogic consciousness and a great hindrance to the bringing down of the Divine Truth to the material plane.
[SABCL, 23:717]